Power statues

The Afrika Museum boasts beautiful examples of Africa power statues. The are being used or called upon to protect people for example from illnesses and misfortune. First, the group is introduced to a number of power statues in the museum. After that, each participant can make his or her own power statue. The statues can be given specific meanings by adding certain materials, like shells, rope, beads, herbs or even a wish.

  • Target group: all groups
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Costs: € 135, 00 (admission not included)

African music workshop

For many African peoples, music and dancing are important means of expression. All sorts of occasions call for a dance, a song or music. Our music teacher will introduce your group to a variety of African instruments and shall teach them to play simple African rhythms.

  • Target group: all groups
  • Duration:  60 minutes
  • Costs: € 135,00 (admission not included)

Bamboo architecture and constructions

This creative workshop introduces the participants to the themes architecture and housing. The group investigates whether bamboo would make a good alternative for hardwood as a building material for houses and furniture. 
The nomadic way of living of Baka- pygmees from the rainforest in Cameroun is being threatened by deforestation. The shortage of building materials threatens their way of living as hunters and gatherers. After a visit to the Baka campsite in the outdoor museum, the group builds bamboo constructions in all shapes and sizes.
  • Target group: all groups (children aged over 12)
  • Period: April till October 
  • Duration:  75 minutes
  • Costs: € 135,00 (admission not included)

The African kitchen

African dishes and products are relatively unknown in the Netherlands. In this workshop, the participants will get to know African products and eating habits. The group will prepare and taste small dishes.

  • Target group: all groups (children aged over 8)
  • Maximum numbers of participants: 20
  • Period: April till November
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Costs: € 155,00 (admission not included)