Permanent exhibitions

The Afrika Museum in the 21st century - Uniting old and new art

From the 1990's, the Afrika Museum has been showcasing contemporary art from Africa alongside 'traditional' works of art and implement. And the museum has furthermore seen significant regional and thematic expansion through the addition of a collection of contemporary works of art from the so-called African diaspora. This new policy is guided by the global perspective the museum seeks to transmit. As a result, traditional African art is not only united with contemporary artistic expressions from across the continent itself, but also with art produced in diaspora areas such as North and South America and the Caribbean, especially on the islands of Cuba, Haiti and Curaçao. 

Religion and society

Religion plays an important part in the lives of many Africans. Although many now call themselves Muslims or Christians, traditional African religious beliefs and practices are by no means things of the past. In a life full of uncertainty, they still give many people something to hold on to.  In particular, belief in ancestors who can be called on for help enables people to exercise some control over their daily lives. This exhibition deals with the cycle of life, healing, fighting off evil and religion in African society.


Meet de herdsmen from Sudan and Kenya, the Makonde from Mozambique and Tanzania, the Muslims from Swahili, and the Christians from Ethiopia.

The Baka pygmies between past and present

An exhibition about the Baka Pygmies in Cameroun and the consequences of deforestation for their lifestyle. 

Looking outside: African architecture in the Outdoor Museum

In the Outdoor Museum, you can learn all about African architecture. The museum park boasts real life examples of African architecture such as a Kusasi compound from Ghana, a Dogon village from Mali, and pile dwellings from Benin.